Rarely a Quiet Moment

Wyatt’s first word was mama and although he collected a short list of words over the next few months, he rarely used them. He preferred to point or take my hand and pull me toward what he wanted.

Even now that he knows lots of words and can “read” the books that we have read a hundred times and he can say his ABCs and sing songs; he doesn’t talk a lot. He sits in the car and quietly watches out the window. He would rather play a game on the ipad or watch tv than have a conversation. In general he prefers to play quietly rather than fill the void with constant chatter.

Scott and I picked up the boys with plans to meet my parents and Juliana for dinner. When we arrived Wyatt ran across the room yelling, “Mama, MY Mama!” just like he does everyday. He was in a good mood and walked happily to the car and let Scott buckle his car seat without complaint unlike Ruslan who insisted that Mama carry him and buckle his car seat.  We didn’t tell the boys where we were going and Ruslan sat quietly as we drove. On the other hand Wyatt was excited as soon as we turned the other direction when we left daycare.


We are going down the big hill – 1, 2, 3…weeeeeeeeeee!

We go this way? Yay!

Another hill, a big hill. We go down the hill. We go up the hill.

A bus, so many cars.

I see the bridge, where’s the water? There it is, there’s the water. Where is it? I don’t see the water. {and on and on as we made our way toward the Waterfront}.

{we pulled into the Red Robin parking lot}

We go to this place?  I want to eat. I want pizza. I see G’s Car! I want to see G! Get me out. Daddy, I want to walk!


That is a small sample of the constant chatter from Wyatt during our drive to dinner. At one point I turned to Scott and said “and this is our quiet child”. I’m not sure what got into Wyatt tonight but he talked and talked and talked. I suspect he will continue to be our quiet child – spending more time thinking than talking, but I enjoyed his chatter tonight.

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  • Aw, that’s so cute! Isn’t it funny how they can just turn traits on and off like that?

    Love the balloon pitures–that is definitely the best part of Red Robin for the kids!