She Loves to Jump

Yesterday was the last class in Juliana’s first session of Level 1 gymnastics. Parents are allowed in the gymnasium on the last day of class so I was able to get some video and pictures of her in action. She absolutely loves gymnastics and I think if she could stop bouncing so much and pay attention she would be learning even more, but most importantly she really enjoys it and is excited to go each week.

Here are 2 short video clips from class. She is supposed to hop down the track, do 3 bounces at the end and then forward roll. This first clip is really fuzzy for some reason but it proves that she is capable of completing the forward roll – I think this is the only time she maintained her momentum and completed it on the first attempt.

Most of her attempts looked more like this one where she ran into trouble at the end of the track. I love that when she is done she runs right down the track and hits the spring board for a straddle jump.

I love her enthusiasm and watching her learn new skills each week. She can’t wait to go back next week.

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