The Beginning of the End

At the beginning of each month Juliana brings home a homework calendar attached to a stack of worksheets. Technically there is an assignment for each day, but since each one only takes a minute or two it is not worth the trouble to do it each day. So generally Thursday evenings after the boys are in bed, I grab the worksheets for the week along with a pencil and the crayons and we sit down together. I used to read the directions to her, but she can read them on her own most of the time now. So instead I sit with her to help her stay focused and answer questions.

Last week she was quietly working through the assignments when she yelled, “I did it right!” I glanced over to see why she was so excited and I saw it. The letter J – it was facing the correct direction – and she was so happy that she wrote it correctly. The J in Jet at the bottom of the page is correct; the J in her name at the top of the page is how she usually writes it. I think that she writes all of her letters the correct direction except J (she still as trouble with the numbers 4 and 9).

You would think that the letters in her name would be correct since she writes them all the time, but since she has been writing them that way for so long it is natural for her. It is also the only word that she still writes in all capital letters. All caps except the letter i complete with a circle over it instead of a simple dot…I expect the circle to be replaced with a heart any day now.

1 comment to The Beginning of the End

  • I totally did the circle above the “I” thing, AND the heart. In fact, I have memories of having to teach myself to NOT do it because it was so ingrained in my writing style.

    Love her homework outfit!