The Dollhouse Lives On

Juliana received the dollhouse as a gift when she was one and she played with it almost everyday for years.

It was one of the few toys from her toddler years that was still in the active toy rotation when the boys turned one and started to play with it as well. They still play with it, but they usually play with the house or the people from the house not together. Sometimes they fill the house with cars and drive them around the house and along the roof.

The people are never in the house because they are busy driving cars – you will notice that the mommy doesn’t go anywhere without the baby.

Wyatt put the whole family in the Jeep together yesterday and drove them around. When they were done with their drive Wyatt took the baby and the mommy out of the Jeep. He walked the baby over to the mommy and yelled “uppie Mommy”…play imitates life.


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