A Quick Haircut Makes Such a Difference

Yesterday was another busy Saturday, I planned to spend the morning with the boys and the afternoon with Juliana at a birthday party. Scott had National Guard this weekend, so my mom was swapping places with me at 1:00 and staying with the boys for the afternoon. I gave the boys some time to play and relax in the morning and then breakfast and a bath and we got ready to go get haircuts. Wyatt’s hair grows so fast and Ruslan’s hair was a shaggy mess. I planned to be out of the house by 11; I knew that would be plenty of time to go to the barber shop a few miles away, get quick haircuts and still have time for lunch before nap time.

I pulled up in front of the barber shop and it was closed. Closed as in there was a for rent sign in the window. I kept driving and headed to Monroeville knowing my timeline for the morning was ruined. I called and my Dad agreed to meet me. (He brought his camera along and took these pictures) At the first stop I ran in and every seat in the waiting room was taken. The combination of waiting and toddlers and a strange place is not one of my favorites. We drove across the street to the next option and within 5 minutes they were in the chairs. Wyatt wasn’t thrilled but he didn’t cry and he sat straight in the seat. Ruslan was sad and there were tears running down his cheeks so I resorted to Smarties to keep him calm. He still wasn’t happy to be there but he stopped crying and relented to sitting in the chair.

We were out of there 15 minutes after walking in the door. It is amazing that 15 minutes can age them so much. Every hair cut makes them look more grown-up and less like my babies.

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