Easy isn’t Always Better

It used to be easy to travel for work in fact it was second nature for me. Over a several year period I regularly traveled 2-4 times each month – all over the U.S. and occasionaly outside the U.S., for meetings and trade shows, short trips and long trips. Some trips would be planned well in advance others would start with a phone call – can you be in California on Monday to help out with a project in trouble…the answer was always yes.

My years of heavy business travel included visits to almost every state and several trips to both France and Germany. I would have never been to the top of the Eiffel tower or walked in the Pacific ocean if it weren’t for business travel. Unfortunately those trips weren’t filled with fun – most of the time I sat at a desk or conference room table; I stayed in basic business hotels; I traveled on weekends and late at night; and I have a long list of stories of air travel delays and cancellations, broken down rental cars, etc.

All of my standard travel needs remained pre-packed so I only needed to add clothes and shoes and I was ready to leave the house. Leaving home was easy. My longest stretch of travel was 9 straight weeks in spring of 2003. Scott and I started dating that fall and I remember traveling every week for the first 3 weeks we were dating. I changed to a new job in the company in 2004 and my travel cut back drastically and now I only travel a few times each year.

Leaving home isn’t easy any more, I can’t just grab a suitcase and walk out the door. I have 3 little people (and Scott) who expect to see me when they wake up in the morning and before they go to sleep at night. I really miss all of my people when I am away. It’s difficult to travel now and I don’t like to leave them. My life is very different than it was 10 years ago and so much better.

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  • Nonni

    It used to be easy for me too when you traveled. Other than worrying about you. But it seems like more work now. But I get all the Wyatt hugs you usually get.