Looooong Weekends

Between January 1st and the end of the school year, Juliana is off school 8 days that are work days for me. 8 Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays that I need to find a way to keep her busy while I work or use a vacation day. To make it even more interesting, childcare is closed for 3 of those days (President’s Day and Good Friday/Easter Monday). On those days I have to take at least a half-day and there is the possibility of working in the afternoon while they nap.

Presidents Day we had an awesome morning at the zoo and then I worked in the afternoon while Juliana was with my mom and the boys slept.

This past weekend was a 4-day weekend for Juliana, there were in-service days at school both yesterday and today. I do my best to schedule Dr, dentist and other appointments on her days off and today I scheduled haircuts for both of us. We couldn’t have an outing without a lunch date complete with grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup and milkshakes – a lunch that makes everyone happy.

I understand the need for in-service days for parent-teacher conferences and other meetings. If you add the 8 days in this half of the year and the 5 days from the first half and don’t forget Christmas break…that is over 3 weeks of days that Juliana doesn’t have school in addition to holidays. I am fortunate to have some flexibility with work and especially blessed to have the help of my parents on these occasions. I don’t know how people without help or job flexibility handle all of the random days off school.


3 comments to Looooong Weekends

  • some of my favorite days are when my coworker brings her son to work. he is now six and it has always been a pleasure to have him here, although the office was more abuzz when we could take turns holding a baby and “working” (ha!). now that he is older he more plays with legos quietly or watches a movie in the conference room. still, makes the day so much more fun to see a little person walking around.

    gotta agree with you, though. i feel terrible for parents with less flexible employers.

  • Sarah

    What’s up with Ruslan’s mink stole? Pretty fancy for just hanging around the house :) LOL!

  • For the short 1-day holidays, my day care is open, but for longer breaks, they close with the school and it can be frustrating. I am lucky that my company is awesome and flexible, but I know some other parents have a very hard time finding childcare during Christmas or Easter break.