R & W

If you know me, you know that I rarely refer to Ruslan and Wyatt as the twins, I call them my boys. They are rarely dressed the same and they are very different in both looks and personality. Wyatt is taller and more slender than Ruslan but Ruslan runs faster. Ruslan eats almost anything and Wyatt is a very picky eater. Wyatt flips out if anything is not what he expects or wants, on the other hand Ruslan is very easy going – Wyatt yells NO while Ruslan says okay. I don’t think the boys know they are twins or what that means. They refer to each other as my brother. If we are looking at pictures and one of them sees a picture of the other, he will say that is Ruslan/Wyatt, that’s my brother. For some reason those words make me so happy; I love that they always have each other.

Early on we assigned different colors for common items, sippy cups for example. Ruslan would have the blue cup (blue-ru) and Wyatt the green cup. This way we could keep track of the cups and make sure they were only drinking their own milk. Eventually there came a day when Ruslan really wanted the green cup, but Wyatt wanted to keep his familiar green cup. They started to fight over that one favorite toy and a similar toy wasn’t good enough. And how is it fair to say that only one of them can wear the super cool Spiderman t-shirt…

So we have changed things up just a little bit. They are still dressed differently more often than not, but they have a few cool t-shirts that are the same. Sippy cups – they now use the same color cup all the time so there is no fighting over cups (because oh my goodness so much drama over a cup and it was so easy to eliminate it). In order to tell them apart I wrote an R or W on each cup and the boys loved it! They started to look for Rs and Ws everywhere and they yell – I see my R, I see my W or I see Ruslan’s R, I see Wyatt’s W. They realized that the blankets they sleep with every night have their names embroidered on them and now they want to read their names each night. They look for their names and Rs and Ws everywhere now.

My mom had the idea to have R and W shirts made for them and our first thought was to have Karen at Rocking Pony make them and then she posted a new style that we loved. The shirts arrived a few weeks ago and the green was perfect for St Patrick’s Day. I took a lot of pictures of the three of them together that day and when I switched to individual photos. On their own both boys discovered their reflection in Scott’s car and had some fun.


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  • there is one photo of each of the boys that made me say awwwwwwwwwww out loud (r2 and w3). now i am off to see if such shirts come in big girl sizes!

  • Sarah

    When I saw the St. Patrick’s Day photos I thought those shirts were so cute – now I know the meaning behind them. Awesome!

    Love the photo of Ru sticking out his tongue!!