Stubborn but Oh So Cute

Wyatt thrives on routine. He is happiest when he knows what to expect next. It has been unseasonably warm in Pittsburgh for the past week, hot in fact. Last Saturday I put a short-sleeve t-shirt on Wyatt and he completely flipped out. He started pulling on the sleeves trying to stretch them down his arms, crying, and screaming “my sleeves, I need sleeves”. I recommended a long-sleeve shirt under the green shirt for St Patrick’s Day and he immediately calmed down – he was so happy to have sleeves. Sunday and Monday I stuck with long-sleeve shirts. On Tuesday I put them in long-sleeve shirts to start the day and sent short-sleeves for later. When I picked them up Ruslan was running around outside in his short-sleeve shirt and Wyatt was still in long-sleeves – running around in the heat, sweaty and happy.

When I looked at the forecast for Wednesday, I decided shorts and t-shirts were necessary. I dressed Wyatt first and he was very happy with the shorts and he loved his new shirt until it was on and he started screaming for sleeves. His sweatshirt was at daycare so I dug out a too small jacket and put it on him (of course I had to zip it as well – jackets and sweatshirts must always be completely zipped).

This morning I realized that their jackets were at daycare since they didn’t wear them home so I knew there might be trouble. I found some clothes from last summer that I thought might fit and let Wyatt pick out his shirt. He was very excited with the green polo shirt at first and then he was so very sad. I opened the closet and saw some fleece that would fit but way too hot for any length of time. Then I spotted the sweaters – lightweight enough to work and Wyatt was thrilled.  He ran off to continue with his morning (brush teeth, shoes, breakfast) while I dressed Ruslan who was also thrilled with the sweater. When I picked them up I was informed that Wyatt was very unhappy that he wasn’t allowed to wear his sweater when they went outside in the afternoon when it was 78 degrees.

They looked so adorable this morning, I decided to attempt a quick photo shoot (quick = 5 minutes while they were running around the yard with an occasional brief stop – I deleted a lot of photos that were a complete blur). They were somewhat cooperative, my little preppy boys.

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