Happy 3rd Birthday Ruslan and Wyatt

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you slept in my arms in the hospital? And we brought you home and you fit in the bouncey seat together and slept side-by-side.

Those early mornings that you slept beside me and I would open my eyes to see one or both or you looking back. I was so tired all of the time and those quiet moments in the morning when we stayed in bed were my favorite during those early weeks.

Suddenly you were 6 months and then a year old and you kept growing and changing.





I can’t believe that you are 3-years old now.  Happy Birthday my precious boys! I guess I can’t call you toddlers anymore but you will always be my babies. I love you both so very much.

3 comments to Happy 3rd Birthday Ruslan and Wyatt

  • Happy Birthday, Ruslan and Wyatt!

  • tehamy

    Happiest of birthdays to Wyatt and Ruslan! I love that picture of the two of them in the bouncy seat together!

  • Grama Julie

    I still can’t believe my twin greats are three! In fact I went to the store & picked out 2 gorgeous cards for 2-yr olds & had to return & exchange. It doesn’t seem possible but some of that is a little ‘old age’ which I hate to admit. I would love to have been with my two twin ‘greats’ for this auspicious occasion but I sure am lucky to have all these pictures to look at. Next best thing when you can’t just kiss ’em and hug ’em! You know I couldn’t tell them apart for the longest time, even just the pictures but now I can look at the pics when they were tiny & you can’t miss ’em. They’re beautiful & I just love them so much! The Great Grama