Master Sergeant Connelly and His Pretty Assistant

Scott was promoted to Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force on December 8, 2011 and his promotion ceremony was this past weekend. The ceremony involved being presented with his new rank on his jacket. Scott asked Juliana to participate and explained that she would help him put on his jacket. Juliana was very nervous and didn’t want to do it until her Kindergarten teacher recommended that we record the ceremony and they would watch the video in class. A video of her at school…she was sold. The ceremony was held on Sunday, April 15th at the 171st Air Refueling Wing and since it was a military function it involved everyone getting up especially early.

Juliana picked out her dress and accessories and she looked so pretty. All three of the kids were on their absolute best behavior; it was like we brought someone else kids with us. We sat through several promotions and a retirement and they sat quietly. It helped that my parents were with us; Juliana sat with Scott, Ruslan was with my mom and Wyatt with me. My Dad was charged with taking pictures during the ceremony since I knew I would be holding at least one of the boys.

Juliana stayed close to me as we walked into the auditorium and then she sat at the end of the row with Scott.

After a few other promotions, Scott and Juliana went up on the stage. She stood next to Scott holding the jacket until it was time to help him put it on. I am so proud of her for going up on stage without me. I was concerned she would be too nervous and then the boys would freak out if I walked away and they would be screaming…but it was so very smooth.


While my dad was taking pictures I managed to record a video. Be thankful it isn’t more choppy since Wyatt was pulling on my arm. I love how she fixes her hair as she bounces down the steps at the end.

I took advantage of the dressed up children on their best behavior and my Dad took a family picture. Everyone is looking at the camera – win!

Since there was a retirement, it was announced at the end of the ceremony that there was cake. The boys were so excited about cake that they agreed to leave my side and walk with Scott. I love this picture I managed to snap as the four of them walked down the hall hand-in-hand.

6 comments to Master Sergeant Connelly and His Pretty Assistant

  • Congrats to Scott!

  • Dudders

    Great job, J! All of the photos are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations, Scott!

  • Congrats to Scott!

    And you all look wonderful!

  • Twinmamateb

    Oh my heavens…what a beautiful family, a wonderful day, and awesome pictures to be cherished forever. Congrats on Scott and thank you for all that you do for our country.

  • Sarah

    I’m a little behind, but what a wonderful day for Scott and the family. It is so nice that your Dad takes such great photos – guess we know where the bug came from. Fantastic family photo and you are right, the one of the four of them is priceless! Congrats to Scott!!

  • Grama Julie

    Wow, this was an important occasion and the children all seemed to realize it. Congratulations Scott – Grama’s proud of you. You know I have that military blood in me too! By the way did you know that my son Greg’s boy Jamie is also in the air force & he just graduated from a very special course – something like the navy seals only it’s air force. All those pictures are so precious, I am a little partial to the ‘backs’ – it surely is different & you know what they say “Variety is the spice of life”!