The Hiding Game

The boys like it when you hide from them and jump out. Well, actually they like it when they know where you are and they can see you sort of hidden and then you jump out and “surprise” them. This game often takes place in the evening after dinner. Someone hides at the top of the shrubs that line the driveway and the boys cautiously approach the area, getting closer and closer until the person hiding jumps out, and then they laugh and run down the driveway. I happened to have my camera in my hand when my Dad “hid” from them yesterday and I sat at the bottom of the driveway and watched the fun.




2 comments to The Hiding Game

  • Sarah Zipse

    What a hoot! Boys are too cute and your Dad looks like he has lost weight :)

  • That is SO cute! (Alex still loves this “game” too!)

    I love all of the pictures you’ve been taking lately–can’t wait to have Michelle teach me so I can catch up to all of you awesome photographers now :)