We Went for a Ride in A Fire Truck

Scott’s brother Erik is a firefighter and for some reason we never went to visit him at the station until this past weekend. The boys were so excited, they talked about it all week. Go see Uncle Erik, see the fire trucks? Saturday morning I told them that yes today was the day we would go after their nap. When I put them down for their nap, they asked again – Uncle Erik after nap? And when I went to their room to get them ready to go, Wyatt sleepily picked up his head and said – go see Uncle Erik – and then his head bounced back to the mattress, waking up from nap is hard.

They had plenty of time to wake-up on the drive and when we pulled up at the fire station and Uncle Erik walked out of the station the boys saw him and started to yell. We began our tour in the equipment room. Scott was carrying Wyatt, Ruslan insisted that I hold him and Juliana was staying close – they were excited but shy of the new surroundings. Erik started to explain how everything was stored and Juliana asked why most of the helmets were yellow and some were red. Erik explained that the bosses wore red hats and they wore a different color so when all of the firefighters are wearing their gear they can spot the leader. Juliana asked if he was a boss and once she found out that he was she was moch more interested in what he had to say and started to ask lots of questions. Juliana announced that she wanted to meet “Erik’s men” so we visited the rest of the station and saw where they spend their days and nights (24-hr shifts).

We went into the garage area with rows of fire trucks, so many different styles. Erik did a great job of explaining the different trucks and helping them in and out of the trucks as they took turns sitting in the driver’s seat. I kept a close watch on Ruslan at all times to make sure that he didn’t start pushing every button in sight…fortunately destructo child didn’t make an appearance.

Erik drove one of the trucks out into the parking lot and we sat inside and watched the water spray from the front of the truck.  The boys were fascinated, I don’t think that either one of them said a word.

They loved everything and had fun exploring and had a great time! Thanks for letting us come visit Uncle Erik!

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