You Capture: Easter

I posted some pictures of the kids in their Easter Sunday outfits last week. Saturday was a busy day of Easter activities. Mid-morning we went outside and played with bubbles and waited and waited.

And then the Easter bunny came and delivered balloons and candy to the kids (organized by the borough we live in, the Easter bunny drives down every street in the borough).

We went in the house and dyed eggs – there was a lot of spillage, but all in all it went as expected. Ruslan was bored after one egg, Juliana quickly dyed lots of eggs, and Wyatt screamed when we were done. The credit for using a whisk to dye eggs goes to my friend Amy.

Saturday afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard (the Easter bunny can come any time during Easter weekend). They found their buckets on the front step and set out looking for their eggs – each egg had an initial – egg contents were individualized.

Then they sat and opened all of the eggs and eagerly ate a treat or two…or three in Wyatt’s case.

This was the first year that the boys participated in dying eggs and our first time having an Easter egg hunt at home and it was a lot of fun.

3 comments to You Capture: Easter

  • Grama Julie

    Oh Juliana – I LOVE your rings! You definitely are your great grandmother’s great granddaughter!!!!!!Grama Julie

  • Grama Julie

    We never have colored eggs for Easter ‘cuz we don’t have any sweet little ones to color them for us. Do you think this trio could come up next year & do the honors. I’d even buy a half-dozen whisks (what a fantastic idea – why didn’t I know that fifty some years ago.) It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Grama Julie

  • Grama Julie

    I’m really enjoying these Easter pictures. No wonder my Cass didn’t want to visit me for Easter. You just can’t miss occasions like this. I love the picture of Juliana with the tulips. I’m not sure how I would title it. My first thought I’M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES but then maybe TIPTOE THROUGH THE TULIPS. I’ll have to teach my little singer those songs if she doesn’t already know them. They are two of my thousand favorites. Love, Grama Julie