You Capture – White

At the end of February I took a photography class from my friend Michelle called Getting Started with Your DSLR. Full disclosure – this is not the first class that I signed up for to learn how to use my camera, but up until this class I was still taking pictures in auto mode. Why? Two reasons: 1 – they were online classes designed so I could learn and practice in my spare time…unless this is your first time reading this blog you know that me and spare time don’t meet very often. 2 – there is no substitute for working with someone who can point at the correct button and answer questions while you are practicing. After that 4-hour class I had the confidence to stop using auto mode, experiment and begin working to improve my photos. It is the best $75 I have spent in a while. If you live in the Pittsburgh area and want to learn how to use your camera, you should consider taking the class. You can contact Michelle here to find out when it will be offered again.


Since taking the class my camera is with me more often and I am taking a lot more pictures (I saved almost twice as many pictures as the same time period last year). Take a picture, look at it, change settings and see if it is better or worse and try to improve. I thought a weekly photo challenge would be a good addition to this goal so I decided to participate in You Capture. This week’s challenge is White.

Spinning Juliana in a white princess dress.

Ruslan is currently obsessed with opening and closing water bottles right now.

White flowers in the backyard.

A white bunny barrette.


3 comments to You Capture – White

  • I love Juliana spinning in her white dress! Very creative. Also, the white flowers are beautiful. Great post!

  • so happy you took the class and are gaining confidence!

  • Grama Julie

    Jen – Theses pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love all the white & of course I love the flowers. Are they cherry blossoms, apple blossoms? The flowers make the little ones looks so happy. What a pickup – just what I needed! Grama Julie