I clearly remember turning 29 and thinking that the end was near…there was only one year remaining in my twenties. I was genuinely sad when I thought about turning 30. I should have been so excited to start the decade when I would marry the man that I love and have my 3 children. As I start another decade I decided to look back at my life and it has been pretty great. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell my life story, but here is a glimpse…

I was born in Louisiana and I have also lived in MA, NY, PA, and VA. My mom (age 21 at the time) is holding me in front of my first home and the next picture is from my baptism a few months later. My Great-Grandfather is holding me and my Mom, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother are also in the picture.


My brother joined our family a few months before I turned 3 and we have pretty much always gotten along.




I had a fairly typical childhood and split my school years with K-6th grade in Rochester, NY and 7th-12th in Pittsburgh, PA. The pouty face on this next picture reminds me so much of Juliana and the next picture is from my first trip to Disney World when I was 10 – back then there was the Magic Kingdom and part of Epcot had just opened (I was 21 the next time I went).

I don’t have many pictures from high school at my house but here is my drivers license photo when I was 16 and I managed to find a picture of my permed hair (and holding our cat Chuck).




My parents bought a car for me when I was 16; this picture was taken when I was in college.

I was randomly paired with my college roommate Ann and we lived together for 4 years.

Heather and I met when I moved to VA after college. We lived together for 2 years and she was the maid-of-honor in my first wedding (wedding picture is with my Aunt Cindy).

The years between my divorce and meeting Scott were spent traveling and working at events and tradeshows. Most of the pictures from the time period look like this one – matching clothes and a drink in hand. I still work with Jessica (left) and Christa (middle). Jessica generally drank the least of our group…I’m not sure why she is holding 2 beers in this picture.

In 2004 Scott and I were engaged and married and went to Italy on our honeymoon and Disney World on vacation. I look so happy in this set of pictures and I was. I still am happy the difference is I was well rested then.






In 2005 Juliana joined us and made me a mom.


And in 2009 we became a family of 5 and we were complete. As I start this next decade I am reminded that I am a very lucky girl.


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  • Happy Birthday! I’m mad because I bought you Wonder Woman Underoos, but YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM!

  • tehamy

    Happy Birthday lady!

  • Happy Birthday! You make 40 look good! AND, Inspiring. Congrats to living a charmed, sweet life. :) Hope it continues.

  • Nonni

    On your fortieth birthday I celebrate the wondrous gift that God gave me frothy years ago. Happy Birthday Jennifer. You are a constant joy to me. Love you, Mom

  • Jen

    Happy birthday, girl!!!!

  • Sarah

    What an awesome recap! Look how long those legs are in that photo from Disney. You have turned into a beautiful woman and have been a wonderful friend.

  • What a great post. Hope yesterday was extra happy.

  • Grama Julie

    Hi Jen – All the pictures are wonderful and the comments so warm and honest and informative. I don’t know how you find time to do it but I hope it’s all a book one day. Cindy was delighted to see herself with you in your collection and you both look mighty good. You know I thought Juliana looked pretty much like her dad but that picture of her and Nick when they were quite young – I honestly thought that was Juliana. Jen, I have no idea what you do in your job but do you think you might have missed your calling – you really take some fabulous Natural pictures. Keep up the good work. Hope you had a beautiful day yesterday and the Lord bless you with many many more happy birthdays. Love you very much. Grama Julie