Future Offensive Lineman

Ruslan runs fast, plays hard, throws a ball straight and when you get hit in the back of the head with the ball you know it. We have been calling him our future offensive lineman – something to do with his build and the way he runs.

One of our regular evening activities is to get the boys to run up and down the driveway – they love to run and I love to get the last bit of wild energy out of them before bedtime. We generally stay outside until it is time to start the bedtime routine.

We were throwing the ball up the driveway and Ruslan was running to get it and running back with it so he could throw it hard at close range. Basically we were having a good game of fetch.


After a few rounds he ran up and stopped when he reached the ball, leaned over it and threw it back between his legs. I guess we were right about the offensive lineman.

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