It’s a Wolf

A few months ago the boys watched an episode of Super Why based on the story of the Three Little Pigs. They watched it and watched it and watched it…every day it was the show they picked to watch after dinner for weeks. And the story started to trickle into their play time. Every tower was built for the purpose of the wolf coming to “huff and puff and blow it down”. I would walk into the room and they would scream and run, yelling “oh no, it’s the wolf”. When they were at the museum a few weeks ago, they both stopped and pointed at a display and yelled “it’s a wolf”. Of course it’s a fox not a wolf, but they were both certain it was a wolf.

I never know if we are playing a game or not. This weekend I walked into the kitchen and growled and announced that I was a wolf. Ruslan looked at me and said in his sweetest voice “You are not a wolf, you are my mama!” In response I scooped him up and gave him so many kisses. I love that they are using their imagainations to play together and I love being their mama.

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