Photography – Making Progress on One of My Goals

I already take a lot of pictures and this is my 4th year of a 365 project. One of my goals for this year was to improve my photography and when January started I didn’t have a plan. Then my friend Michelle started to offer a class “Getting Started with Your DSLR“. I signed up thinking maybe I will learn a few things and pick up some tips, but how much could I really learn in a few hours. I knew what ISO and shutter speed and aperture were but not how to change all of them on my camera. In those few hours I learned what dials to turn and basic rules that help me find a starting point for my settings when I pick up the camera. I was shooting in auto all the time before that class and within a week I had changed to full manual. Taking pictures is fun again and I find myself taking my camera more places and taking so many more pictures. I experiment with settings and when I download the pictures I delete a lot but I love the ones that I keep.

Last night was Juliana’s final gymnastics class of the spring session; it’s the only class of the session that parents are allowed in the gym. The gym has some windows on the far side so they were behind Juliana and the other lighting is high above the floor. Before taking the class I would have never been able to capture this shot from across the gym (there were several rows of children between her and me) and I love it!

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in taking a class, Michelle posted upcoming classes here. If you are not local, she also included a new virtual class on the list.

A few more recent favorites that haven’t previously ended up the blog.


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