Ruslan and Wyatt 3.0

I usually write separate posts about the boys, but so much of what they are doing is the same right now so it made sense to combine. The boys are playing together a lot more – they play in the kitchen, they play cars, build, etc. I love that we are finally getting the benefit of the built-in playmate.


At night when I put the boys in bed they lie down and I cover them both up. Recently Wyatt tells me he doesn’t need to be covered up and he is usually holding a book when I leave their room.  Ruslan still wants to be snuggled under his blankets before I leave. By the time I get downstairs I hear them jumping up and down and chattering back and forth at each other. One night this week Wyatt refused to be tucked in as usual. As I was tucking in Ruslan, Wyatt was telling him to get up. Ruslan was quiet and finally said, “Not yet Wyatt, wait until Mommy leaves”.  I guess he thinks that he is tricking me by staying tucked in until I leave the room.

The boys had a 6:30 bedtime for a long time, any later and they would be miserable. Over the past few months they have been able to stay up later which gives us more time to spend with them in the evening. We have shifted their bedtime from 6:30 to 7:30 and it seems to be working well. They are starting to wake up a little bit later in the morning which is definitely a good thing.

They still take really good naps – about 2 hours at daycare during the week and 3 hours on the weekend. Juliana gave up daycare naps by 18 months so I am thrilled that the boys still nap during the week. If they weren’t napping I think we would be stuck with an earlier bedtime. Sometimes we have to wake them up from naps on the weekend – either we need to leave the house or it is getting too close to bedtime. This is what it looks like when I wake them up.


We try to spend 30-60 minutes outside after dinner every day. Outside playtime includes lots of running back and forth and in circles, chasing each other, knocking each other over, playing in dirt, riding motorcycles, playing catch and in general just enjoying being outside. My main goal is to keep them moving and wear them out for bed.



Potty Training – ha ha ha, no comment.


Ruslan continues to eat just about anything we put in front of him including salad. Wyatt lives on a small assortment of food – waffles, french toast sticks, muffins, pop tarts, chicken nuggets, pizza, french fries – those are the staples, he doesn’t even eat macaroni and cheese. He does eat blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and apples slices with the skin (Juliana still won’t eat apple skin so I consider this a small victory). When we go out to dinner (usually Eat n Park or Red Robin), Wyatt happily sits at the table and orders pizza and french fries.


They are fascinated with trucks and cars especially construction vehicles and garbage trucks. In the evening they will often sit with my dad and watch YouTube videos of garbage trucks. For a while our garbage pick-up was happening right before I take them to daycare and they would wait for the truck and watch them pick-up the trash. Unfortunately they are coming to our house later now so they miss trash pick-up.


They still love to go anywhere in the car and will happily sit at the front door and wait. Scott and my dad took the boys to the Natural History museum last weekend. Their favorite part was playing on the stairs. Thanks to my Dad for the pictures.



Their 3-yr check-up was yesterday and they both grew 2″ since their 2-1/2 check-up (Ruslan – 37″ 30th%) Wyatt – 39-1/4″ 82nd%) and their weight is nearly identical (46th%). Aside from strep throat we avoided the Doctors office since last October.

They are wild and demanding at times, but mostly they are a lot of fun. I hope that age 3 is a good year for us.

3 comments to Ruslan and Wyatt 3.0

  • TwinMamaTeb

    They are so stinkin cute. So far 3 has been really fun for us, I hope it stays this way!

  • tehamy

    Oh my heavens. I love the “Wait until Mommy leaves” comment. That is so adorable!

  • Jen

    That picture of them in their sweatshirts sitting on the steps? You can see what they might look like in another 10 years. They are growing up so fast!!