Saturday in Pictures

Mother’s Day was a quiet day spent at home. It was raining so the kids spent the day in their pjs. We really needed a day at home after several weekends where we were constantly on the go. Yesterday started with haircuts for all 3 kids followed by playtime at home and naps for the boys. We woke the boys and put them straight in the van and headed to a 3-yr old birthday party. The weather was lovely and they had fun running around outside. It was well past bedtime by the time we returned home for baths and bedtime – another busy Saturday.












2 comments to Saturday in Pictures

  • I love the haircut photos – both during and after. I guess only moms get the blissful look when we’re in the stylist’s chair (because we;re savoring our short time away from all the mayhem. Plus my stylist is my best friend and also serves wine.

  • Grama Julie

    Great pictures and a perfect mother’s day – spending it with your children. Not so easy to do when they grow up and move away. But you have all the beautiful memories……..and the phone calls. Praise the Lord! Grama Julie