I Found Her Quiet Voice

“Juliana, please lower your voice.” “Stop yelling!” “Your brothers are asleep, you need to whisper.” All day long these are the things that I say to her and usually she keeps talking at the same volume. It is as if she turned 6 and that sometimes quiet / inside voice went away forever.

Today Juliana’s school had “Bring Your Mom to School” for a few hours in the afternoon. It was an opportunity to participate in some classroom activities and share some school time with our children (there is a similar Dad day planned for next week).  We worked on a All About Mom project and sang songs in her classroom.

And then we went to another room and worked on a craft – coloring pictures of flowers and making a crown that I had to wear.

Later in the afternoon Juliana was working on a project and the mother next to me turned to me and said, “It must be so nice to have a quiet child.” She was looking right at me but I was confused. Juliana? A quiet child? That’s when it hit me. Her quiet voice didn’t vanish; it went to school. Apparently at the end of the school day her quiet voice is used up so she only has normal and high volume options available for home.

Her summer days should be less structured and more fun so hopefully she will be able to save some quiet voice for home.

2 comments to I Found Her Quiet Voice

  • Maybe you can find Emily’s now, if she actually has a quiet voice.

  • Sarah Zipse

    This is the funniest post ever! It’s the phrase that pays – “Her quiet voice didn’t vanish; it went to school.”

    Love the crown! I helped you pick out a nice one years ago. You need to dig that out and order them young ones around!