The Dangers of the Tricycle

Juliana was 19 months old when we bought her tricycle and her feet barely reached the pedals. Going for a ride that first summer meant her sitting on the tricycle and someone pushing her down the sidewalk. She would occasionally try to pedal, but rarely had any interest in steering. In fact she is still easily distracted from steering and tips over or runs into something on her current bike and scooter.

The boys have started to ride the trikes (we have another just like Juliana’s trike). They ride in circles in the driveway for a few minutes and then realize they can run faster and hop off and go.

Juliana likes to push them and if you remember she is easy distracted while steering…

The boys like to push each other as well and it is not always safe.

In this case Ruslan pushed Wyatt across the driveway and up the driveway and let go and walked away. You will have to picture how this ended in your head because I set the camera down and ran to catch Wyatt before he flipped over at full speed coming backwards down the driveway. Just like everything else in our house, the tricycles require adult supervision.

2 comments to The Dangers of the Tricycle

  • Sarah Zipse

    Looks like helmuts and knee pads are required already!

  • Grama Julie

    Oh dear!!! I’m glad there wasn’t a picture & that your reflexes are so good. I always say that’s why God doesn’t give babies to old ladies, we really can’t handle it. But all’s well that ends well & it’s kind of wonderful to admire from afar. Matthew & Nauseem were in town all week. Greg had a little picnic yesterday & Cindy & I cooked some potato salad & potatoes with cheese & onions for the guys and some choc frosted brownies. We drove out to Julies (a hot day but she has such a nice yard). We got to see Elizabeth & they were allowed to bring Sienna this time. The girls are beautiful with long pony tails and they love each other & they are inseparable, and they loved playing on Greg’s slot machine. I’ll bet your little ones would also enjoy. I wish they could be together more often. They were a bit cool toward me at first (did I say a bit?) but this wise old lady came laden with cute little play goodies from the dollar tree store. Thank you Lord for wisdom, I even got hugs and kisses as I left. Love again, GRAM