Time for a New Routine

When we moved last year I had to adjust to driving the kids to preschool/childcare after 3 years of walking. Even though it is a short drive, it still took longer to get everyone in the car and buckled than it had taken to walk. I had to adjust our morning routine to leave the house earlier so I could be back home to work at the same time. And when Juliana started Kindergarten our days changed again. This is what our daily routine has looked like on school days for the past 10 months.

6:00 am – My alarm goes off and I shower, get dressed, dry my hair and go downstairs to my work computer. I check e-mail and respond to all overnight messages. I review my calendar for the day and make a short list of important tasks that need to be completed. Then I walk away from my desk to get Juliana ready for school.

6:45 – I open Juliana’s school binder and make sure that I read/signed any notes that came home the day before and remove misc junk from her backpack. Wake-up Juliana and help her get dressed (her clothes for the day are always hanging on her dresser so she can get dressed if she wakes up on her own, but usually I am getting her dressed while she is half-asleep). Juliana heads to the bathroom to finish getting ready and I go back downstairs, pack her lunch and put it in her backpack. Juliana eats breakfast and we talk about anything that is different about today, fix her hair and put her shoes and socks on.

We wait for her bus and when it arrives I hold her hand while we cross the street. She squeezes my hand as she takes that big step up into the bus – she gives me a kiss and I say “I love you punkin (pumpkin), see you after school” and I hear “I love you too Mommy” as she reaches the top step and turns to sit in the first seat on the bus.

7:20 – If there were any urgent work issues, I will return to my desk at this point otherwise I pack breakfast for the boys (they have a school lunch) and check my personal e-mail/twitter.

7:35 – I get the boys dressed and ready to go, drive them to childcare, and return home to my office.

8:00 – Work. Note: every other Tuesday a 7:00-8:00 conference call makes the morning a little more hectic. I recall one morning when it was pouring rain and I was carrying Juliana out to the bus  (otherwise she would have been soaked) while holding an umbrella over us and discussing a project budget issue on my cell phone. I prefer less multi-tasking in my morning.

4:00 pm – Juliana returns home on the bus and after we briefly talk about her day she goes to the kitchen table for a snack and then plays or watches a movie while I work. She began to really enjoy that alone time after school and would get upset if it was interrupted. She participated in an after-school program one day a week during the second half of the year and I would pick her up at 5:00 on those days. She had gymnastics one evening each week throughout the school year and on those days her after school time was cut short to get ready and leave for class.

5:15 – I stop working (sometimes I am done for the day and others I go back to my desk after the kids are in bed to wrap-up any open tasks). Pick-up time for the boys and then home for dinner and playtime – walk, running in the yard, toys, books, etc.

7:00 – Start calming the boys down followed by baths and then they are in bed by 7:30. Juliana takes a bath and is upstairs to read or play quietly until 8:30 when she is usually asleep.

At some point Scott and I eat dinner and the rest of the evening is filled with random household tasks and some mindless tv time. I always try to go to sleep by 11:00, but it is usually  closer to midnight.


Juliana will be spending her summer break in a few different programs as well as some days with my parents and some random outings that we will squeeze in (Kennywood, swimming, etc). The boys will begin to slowly transition from the older toddler room so they will be ready to start preschool at the end of August. I am tying to figure out how much later I can sleep now that our mornings should be a little less hectic.

And after 9 short weeks of summer break we will start a new routine with a First Grader and 2 Preschoolers…but let’s just relax and enjoy the summer for now.



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