Wyatt the Not So Brave

Wyatt has a habit of asking to go see the animals in the evening and I remind him that it is too late to go to the zoo because the animals are going to bed. Monday morning I went into the boys’ room and asked if they wanted to go to the zoo. Wyatt yelled, “The animals are not sleeping? They are awake? Let’s go see them! Yay!”

This was the first time that I took the boys to the zoo by myself and it went really well. They rode in the wagon for the long stretches, somtimes walked and held the sides of the wagon and occasionally they ran together.

I noticed a theme today – Wyatt would walk up to the viewing area for an animal and quickly back-up. He was happily watching the Rhino and then it turned around and Wyatt was done.

He was interested in all of the monkeys, but he stayed back a bit further than Ruslan.

When we stopped to see the Painted Dogs, Wyatt started to climb out of the wagon to get away while Ruslan sat and waved to them.

And finally when they were happily sitting watching the fish and stingrays a shark swam too close and Wyatt jumped off the wall.

Wyatt is not even included in these pictures because he has walked away while Ruslan is enjoying watching the animals.

Wyatt’s favorite parts of the zoo were definitely the slides – “just one more time” he called as he ran past me over and over – and the playground where he ran and played until it was time to go home.

I love living close to the zoo for a lot of reasons one of which is preventing the dreaded car nap…a few more minutes and they would have been out.


Hours later Ruslan was still talking about the animals, especially the baby Sea Lion.


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  • So cute! The baby sea lion is adorable, as are your boys :)
    Looks like a great day. I am headed to the zoo by myself with all 3 kids on Thursday (meeting friends) and hope I have as great of a day as you did