Broken Band-Aids and Other Nonsense

Twice in the past week I have rushed up the stairs to hysterical screaming from the boys’ room. Upon opening the door I was greeted with tears and sadness and cries of my band-aid is broken. Band-Aids don’t break on their own, they “break” when little boys remove them from their body and stick the band-aid pieces together. Of course there is nothing I can do to fix a broken band-aid.


Scott and I took the┬ákids out for ice cream after dinner yesterday. Everyone climbed into a booth at Dairy Queen and I asked┬áthem what they wanted – chocolate with rainbow sprinkles in a cone for Juliana, chocolate with rainbow sprinkles in a cup for Ruslan, and vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in a cup for Wyatt. I ordered the ice cream and when it arrived at the table Juliana and Ruslan happily started to eat.

Wyatt started to scream and wave his arms and yell “I don’t want it!!! I want chocolate ice cream! I reminded Wyatt that he ordered vanilla and he continued to scream.

I asked Ruslan if he wanted to trade with Wyatt and he agreed. I swapped the cups so Wyatt had the chocolate ice cream and he screamed even louder because I took his ice cream away.

I returned the vanilla ice cream to him and he cried because he didn’t want sprinkles. Scott took the ice cream and removed a spoonful of the sprinkles and Wyatt flipped out “My SPRINKLES!”

Scott put the ice cream back in front of Wyatt. Wyatt wiped his tears, smiled and happily ate his vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.


The boys were away from each other for a few hours Sunday morning. When they were reunited and I told Wyatt that Ruslan was home and he came running to the door. Ruslan walked over to give Wyatt a hug and Wyatt returned the love with a stiff arm to push Ruslan away.

The boys were standing in the kitchen tonight and I wanted to compare their height so I asked Wyatt to stand next to Ruslan. He said no so I asked Ruslan to stand next to Wyatt. Ruslan walked toward Wyatt and Wyatt walked away…I let Ruslan follow Wyatt around the kitchen for a while for my own entertainment. Ruslan was also amused, but Wyatt appears to need more personal space this week.


No matter how much taller Wyatt is than Ruslan, he will never beat Ruslan in a race. “Ready, Set Go” and “I Won” are Ruslan’s favorite words. Tonight the boys raced back to the house from their walk with Nonni. Ruslan started on the outside and immediately cut in front of Wyatt. After that he put on the speed and left Wyatt behind. Ruslan ran past me into the yard and then walked back to wait for Wyatt to finish.

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