Happy Birthday Daddy

2 years ago, Scott was in Guam for his birthday so I recorded the kids singing Happy Birthday to him. Juliana was the only one who could sing that year and the boys were contained so they couldn’t escape during the song. What a difference 2 years makes…they are all so much bigger now. Juliana couldn’t wait to give Scott the birthday present that she selected for him – 2 mangos. She saw them in the grocery store and remembered that he really likes them; she was so excited! The first thing Wyatt said to me is “I want cake”, he is a big fan of birthdays.

2 comments to Happy Birthday Daddy

  • Grama Julie

    Oh, I love the picture of Juliana with her mangoes for Dad (and her obvious love for her daddy), just beutiful, that had to make his day. Now that’s a great gift idea. I wonder if everyone knows that I love sweet black cherries. They are in season now – think I’ll get a few out of the frig. The children’s song was precious, I’m a sucker for schmaltz(S)and that Jewel is really a corker isn’t she. She sure has a singing heart (like her grama)!!!! I’ll bet ya love my saying that all the time! Sorry!. GRAM

  • j gave such a great gift. way cool.
    hope your birthday was magnificent, scott!