Kindergarten – The Fastest 10 Months of My Life

I cried through most of the Kindergarten graduation ceremony – I couldn’t believe that Juliana’s first year of school was over. It went by so quickly and it was such a great year. In fact it was perfect in so many ways. It was almost too good to be true and as the year was coming to a close I didn’t want it to end because it felt safe and I knew she was happy in Kindergarten. The end of Kindergarten meant a return to the unknown.

First and last day of school – she wore the same shirt and jumper – it was chilly enough for a sweater on the last day of school but that sweater, along with several others, was lost during the year.


Juliana adored her teacher and the feeling was mutual, we were both sad to say good-bye to Ms. W. The night before the graduation ceremony, Juliana didn’t want to go to bed because she didn’t want to go to school the next day. If she went to school, she would have to graduate and if she graduated she would have to leave Ms. W.

I still can’t believe that Juliana hopped right on the bus the first day of school, I expected her to be too nervous. The bus was at the top of my list of concerns about the year and overall it was a good part of the day for Juliana. She made a friend right away and she kept her backpack full of activities for the ride – books, paper, crayons and pens. There was only one morning all year that she stopped and cried and didn’t want to get on the bus. Ms R got off the bus, talked to Juliana and walked her to her seat. I watched Juliana wipe away her tears and wave to me as the bus pulled away that day. That was back in September and that is the last time she cried while boarding the bus.

I didn’t forget Juliana’s lunch one time this year.

Her homework was ready to turn in each Friday.

We may have cut it close a few mornings, but Juliana didn’t miss the bus once.

There was not a single closing or delay this year. It was a very mild winter, in fact I only remember one extremely cold morning – it was the only day all year that Juliana wore pants to school. She preferred skirts and dresses; heavy tights and leggings got her through most days.

Perfect attendance!! I credit the years of daycare for this although she has always been a healthy child. Timing was also on our side. She had strep throat on a 4-day weekend so she didn’t miss school. That was only the second time that she took antibiotics in her life, the other time was when she had an ear infection at 18-months old.

There is no doubt that she is more than ready for first grade. Mid-way through the year Ms W would hold up Juliana’s work and tell the class to take a good look at an example of first grade work. I’m sure that Juliana will quickly adjust to first grade and her new teacher and we will have another great year of school.


First grade is coming fast…4 weeks from today.


6 comments to Kindergarten – The Fastest 10 Months of My Life

  • MAN did she grow up this year! And I’m so very impressed with perfect attendance. I hope she is SO excited for first grade!

    • Jennifer

      Juliana has decided that she will have a pattern – one year with perfect attendence and then next not…I tried to explain that it is pure luck.

  • Jen

    Okay, so I’m sitting here TEARING UP MYSELF, just imagining what our upcoming year will be like! I love looking at the first/last day pictures, she has grown up so much! Every year I think the differences in Maggie will be less when I look back, but it’s not true. So many changes! Sounds like it was a wonderful year :)

    • Jennifer

      Yeah…I didn’t think she changed that much until I looked at the pictures side-by-side. I hope Maggie loves Kindergarten as much as Juliana did – I think she will!

  • She grew up so much this year! I can’t believe that schools starts so soon!

  • i love that she didn’t want to leave her teacher. oh how i know that feeling! (i still remember wanting mrs. hazeltine to be my stepmom.) thankful she got the perfect teacher for her intro to school.