Red, White and Blue

Once again Scott and my Dad took the kids to a classic 4th of July community parade this year. They were dressed in their red, white and blue but they left for the parade before I could attempt a picture of the 3 of them together. After the parade I eagerly awaited the pictures from my Dad. Last year he sent this gem, they may not be smiling but all 3 of them are sitting still and looking at the camera.

My dad started to send pictures and he included pictures of Ruslan and Juliana watching the parade.

And this great shot of Wyatt.

And finally of picture of the 3 of them together.


2 comments to Red, White and Blue

  • Grama Julie

    What a bunch of beautiful sour pusses! I think maybe they were too hot & uncomfortable, I remember parades as a child! I love their outfits!!! They would be proud to know their Grama has been wearing all kinds of flags and red/white & blue tops. This is one very patriotic lady, as well as I should be with a WWII Army dad & brother Andy in Vietnam, another brother Michael in the air force in the Pacific & a grandson (Ray) who served in the navy on the USS Roosevelt right after 9/11, a West Point graduate (Matthew) who served in Iraq twice and a grandson in the air force (Jamie) who is in special forces. I know people hate bragging…… but that goes with a grandmothers description. Love ya Jen. GRAMA

  • do they go to lots of parades? i don’t remember too many as a kid. love that your children will have these memories!