Summer – Now with More Water

When the kids were having so much fun in the water Saturday afternoon, I jokingly told Scott we should get a pool for our house and he nodded his head. When we got home I was busy with baths and and getting the kids in bed and Scott was measuring the patio in our backyard. Then he left and bought a pool that night. Sunday afternoon we worked on the pool, Juliana helped with clean-up and Ruslan supervised for a while.



Monday morning the pool was filled with water but Scott needed to add chlorine and set-up the pump so there was no swimming that day. The boys ran down the driveway in the morning to see the pool and thought they should be allowed to swim. Ruslan was screaming “I want to swim in the water” as I buckled him into his car seat.

Tuesday evening the pool was ready and everyone was very excited. Juliana loves being in the pool. Wyatt is very nervous in the water so far. Ruslan loves it so much – he was the last one in the water yesterday and today. Both days┬áhe was shivering when I convinced him to get out of the pool.

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