Water Rides – Love Them or Hate Them

Water Rides seem like a great idea on a hot summer day at an amusement park and there is no doubt that the water provides a cool down. However, boarding the ride you sit on a wet seat and the bottom of the “boat” is often covered in water so your feet are immediately wet. After the ride you are walking around in wet clothes (and wet shoes – ick) and if you are really wet, it is a while until you feel comfortable. And we won’t even talk about the water…it’s not clear pool water after all. Sure there is a chance that you won’t get very wet, but there is always a person or two who ends up soaked.

As a child water rides are a novelty, getting soaked in your clothes – cool! As a teenager I remember talking cups on the Log Jammer and filling and dumping them on friends on the ride. When I worked at the Log Jammer, we spent a lot of time reminding teenagers to keep their arms inside the boats and on occasion telling a group or two not to come back to the ride that day. As an adult, I have little to no interest in water rides.

Juliana went on a water ride a few years ago and was not impressed, she was particularly unhappy to have wet, squishy shoes for the rest of the day. We went to Kemnywood with a friend this week and it was a hot, sunny day so I decided to bring a change of clothes for Juliana in case the girls asked to go on a water ride. As we were wrapping up our day, they asked to go on the Raging Rapids for the final ride and we agreed. Having a child who can go on rides without a parent is awesome because I didn’t have to go on the water ride. We waited in line with the girls and when they boarded we found a spot where we could watch the first part of ride.

The raging rapids has many opportunities to end up wet, but none are worse than the water fall. If you are in one of the seats that goes under the waterfall, there is no escaping the water. Guess what seats the girls were in…



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