Home with Wyatt

I make an effort to try to spend time alone with each of the kids. Juliana has a different schedule than the boys so it is easier to plan time alone with her. But the boys are almost always together – they are sleeping at the same time, at school together, etc.

This morning I knew Wyatt was sick as soon as I saw him. He sat up slowly with a sad expression and when he opened his mouth to talk no words came out. He coughed and his voice sounded terrible. I picked him up and he immediately put his head on my shoulder and I could feel how warm he was. A quick temperature check confirmed that he would be staying home. I got him dressed, got a dose of Motrin in him and left him with Scott while I took Ruslan to childcare. Ruslan was so sad to be dropped off, he cried and kept telling me that he wanted to stay home with Wyatt. Of course I was crying as I left him there.

I was concerned about the cough (it sounds horrible) and sudden fever so I took him to the Doctors and ears and throat look good, but we have a script for a chest x-ray if he gets worse. Wyatt likes to play tiger and hide under the exam table while we wait for the Dr.

We came home and I set-up a spot in the playroom for him to rest and watch tv. I got his favorite blanket, covered him up and turned on a show on NetFlix. I realized I hadn’t heard from him when the show should have ended and of course he had the remote and had turned on another episode. And then he changed to a different show. While he was lounged watching TV I was on a conference call and caught up on a few projects…NetFlix to the rescue for this working mom.

We sat and ate lunch together. I usually eat lunch at my desk and even sick he is better company than my computer.

We rocked and read books and then he went right to sleep. And after his nap we spent some time rocking alone in the quiet house. Having Wyatt home today was not in my plans, but I adapted and rearranged some calls and worked quickly to handle some projects. I tried to make the best of the change in plans and enjoy some extra snuggles from Wyatt. It is rare that there are not 2 or 3 children fighting for my attention and sometimes all wanting to sit on my lap at the same time. Today it was just Mommy and Wyatt and even under the circumstances we enjoyed our time together.


Ruslan has the same cough now as well and a few times this evening he told me that he didn’t feel good. He says that his mouth hurts and when I ask if it is the back of his mouth he says “Yes, the tunnel at the back of my mouth”.

I will go to sleep hoping for healthy boys in the morning…

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