Impromptu Kennywood Dance Party

Scott and I took the kids to Kennywood today and I took a lot of pictures…so many pictures that after I deleted ~100 (blurry, bad light, duplicates, etc), I still have 170 to go through and find my favorites. We had a lot of fun!

At one point I was waiting for Scott and the kids were walking back and forth on a wall around a flower garden (ignore the part at the beginning of the video where I yell NO at Ruslan as he starts to climb into the flower bed). The music was loud and the boys started to dance – here is a short clip – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

3 comments to Impromptu Kennywood Dance Party

  • Yup. You’re right. Smiling!

  • Sarah Zipse

    Love it! So where did we learn this dance moves, mom?

    I love the fact that you said no to Ruslan and he immediately responded. Good job!

    • Jennifer

      Those dance moves are 100% their own creation. I am shocked that Rusland stopped climbing when I said no…usually he laughs and runs the other way when he hears no.