Saturday Conversations

Car rides with all 3 kids are never boring – there is yelling and crying and fighting and laughing and singing and chatter amongst them. Our short drive to the zoo on Saturday was no exception. We were not far from home when this conversation with Ruslan started.

R: I see a yellow fire!
M: A yellow fire?
R: Yes, it was right over there.
M: A yellow flower?
R: No, a yellow fire.
M: What was the yellow fire doing?
R: The water comes out of it.

We stopped at a light a minute later and he yelled “Look, I see another yellow fire!” Oh, a yellow fire hydrant…suddenly it made sense.

A few minutes later on our drive:

W: Mommy, I am busy.
M: You are busy?
W: Yes, I am very busy.
M: What are you busy doing?
W: I don’t know!

We arrived at the zoo and met my parents. I was pulling the wagon up the sidewalk to the entrance and Juliana was walking behind us with my mom.

J: Nonni, Are you a zoo member?
N: No.
J: We are members, and the last time we came here it was member’s night. A tiger had died so they ripped it apart so we could pet the fur.
N: WHAT?!?!?

On the last members night, they had animal furs out around the zoo for the children to see and touch. Juliana’s explanation was slightly more gruesome.




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