They Even Went TownTown – Ruslan and Wyatt’s Summer Break

Each summer our childcare program is closed for a few days at the end of the school year and for a few days before school begins again. It involves some juggling and this week my mom took 3 days off to spend with the boys.

Monday we spent 3-1/2 hours at Kennywood; it was the boys second trip of the summer so they were excited as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. They started asking about rides before we were out of the car and as each ride started to slow down they would start to ask about the next ride. More details about Kennywood below since I am including a bunch of pictures. Scroll to the end and watch the video of Wyatt on the Pirate Ship.

Tuesday morning the boys played at home and went for a walk and then went on an outing with my parents. They drove to Station Square and then took the T (Pittsburgh’s light rail) to downtown where they ate at McDonald’s and then went back to Station Square. They walked around and looked at the train tracks and boats. They went straight to sleep when they got home. After their nap (we had to wake them up at almost 5:00 – adventures are exhausting) I asked where they went and Ruslan said, “We went TownTown and rode a Train!!”

Wednesday morning they went for a walk and played outside and then we went to the mall across town to go to the Stride Rite store. Going across town is important because it involves a tunnel and bridges that cross the “ocean” (this is how Ruslan refers to the Rivers). Both boys needed new tennis shoes – there is a 1-1/2 size difference in shoes for the boys and Wyatt is wearing a 10 or 10-1/2. They picked out Spider Man shoes and the eyes flash and glow when they walk. As soon as I put them on Wyatt in the store he yelled “I can run so fast in these shoes” and took off running laps around the store. This process has been repeated everytime I put the shoes on him since then.

My mom bought casual boots for the boys and Ruslan loves them. He tossed the spider man shoes aside in the store and said he wanted the boots instead. As soon as he woke up from his nap that afternoon he requested his boots. Then we walked around the house in them repeating, “I’m a man! I have boots!”


When we arrived at Kennywood we started out with a few of the bigger rides before the lines got too long.

Then we moved on to Kiddieland where they could run from ride to ride. On most rides Ruslan looked very bored and he would stare off in the distance. However, Wyatt was usually laughing and throwing his hands in the air.





They loved driving the cars (especially Ruslan) and riding the train. Wyatt was thrilled that he could see one of “his castles” across the river while we were on the train.

When we were at Kennywood a few weeks ago Wyatt loved the Pirate Ship and Ruslan was so sad not to be tall enough to ride (that 1.5″ difference makes Ruslan too short). I felt bad taking Wyatt on it when Ruslan couldn’t go on it, but as you can see from these video clips that I took on the ride….Wyatt LOVES it!

We finished up our visit with the boys first ride on the JackRabbit – their first big roller coaster. And they both giggled and loved it and even put their hands up – it was a great way to end our day!

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