A Little Luck and a Lot of Perseverance

When I download the pictures from my camera to my computer, I often stop at a picture I love and think what a lucky shot. My kids are busy, they bounce from one activity to the next, if I pick up my camera 5 seconds too late the moment has passed. Or I catch a quick shot and I realize I should have been at a different angle to capture the full story.  Truly capturing the moment involves sitting back so the kids focus on what they are doing instead of stopping to interact with me. It involves being patient, taking lots of pictures and sometimes a little trickery.

Most of the pictures I take of my kids are real life – playing with their toys, reading a book, running outside, interacting with each other – they may not be the type of pictures you would frame, but they fill the majority of the slots in my annual 365 album. The current year’s 365 album resides in the living room and the kids are free to flip through the pages whenever they want. They love to look through the album and find pictures of themselves and talk about what they are doing in the pictures.

Ruslan will spend an hour playing with cars, it is one of the few times where he is completely calm and mostly quiet. He lines them up, he drives them around, parks them and repeats the process over and over. When Ruslan is occupied playing with cars I can usually get things done without his help or the need to stop and clean-up a mess in the middle. Sunday morning Ruslan was playing with cars on the coffee table and instead of getting ready for us to leave the house, I stopped. I grabbed the camera, got down on his level, sat quietly, watched him play and took pictures.

I didn’t interrupt his play. I sat quietly on the floor for 15 minutes and took ~80 pictures (and kept 30). If I had not taken the time to sit and watch and take a lot of pictures, I wouldn’t have this picture which I love.

Or these pictures that show him quietly playing, lost in his cars – Ruslan’s favorite solo playtime activity. I want to remember these quiet moments, I want to remember the times when Ruslan wasn’t getting into trouble at this age, I want to remember what toys and games made him happy.



2 comments to A Little Luck and a Lot of Perseverance

  • Sarah Zipse

    You are so good about photographing a day in the life! When your kids are our age they will have such a wonderful treasure to look back on. Of course, those of us who live afar love your hard work and feel like we are growing up with your family. Hugs to you!

  • I love these shots–especially that top one!

    And this reminds me of why it was nice to take pictures every day. It became a pain, but I have only been picking up my camera once or twice a week lately. Must do it more!