Football Season has Arrived

I went on the hunt for a photo from my childhood last night. It turns out the photo isn’t on this computer, but I stumbled upon pictures of the boys dressed to celebrate the start of the football season as newborns. Such cute little guys in their Steelers onesies. So my focus switched to football. September is here and the NFL season starts today. My little darlings through the years.

Juliana’s first Superbowl {XL} – she was 3 months old (Feb 2006).


Little cheerleader (Dec 2007). Note: she tossed her baby doll to the floor so the penguin could have the crib.

Ruslan and Wyatt’s first Superbowl {XLIII} – 2.5 months before they were born (Feb 2009).


The start of the next football season – these are the pictures that dropped me into this rabbit hole. Notice Wyatt’s eyes in the second picture – the startle reflex was strong with that baby. Ruslan wasn’t crying in the second set of pictures – his tear ducts were clogged as a newborn so his eyes were constantly watering. Also the picture below where they have their arms positioned the same…such little cuties.

Superbowl XLV – Juliana was so sad when they lost that game – at age 5, it was the 3rd time in her life that the Steeers were in the Superbowl – she thought that they always went to the Superbowl and that they always won.

Happy Steelers fans from last fall.

Go Steelers!

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