Lost in Translation

Yesterday Ruslan spent the last part of the day with the older kids including Reagan, a little girl who is in preschool now and has always liked Ruslan. On the way home, we had the following conversation.

M: Did you have fun playing with Reagan?
R: Yes.
M: If you go to preschool you can play with Reagan every day.
M: Is Reagan pretty?
R: Yeah
M: Is Reagan smart?
a few minutes passed and I thought we had changed subjects
R: Mommy, do we have treats at home?
M: Yes, we have treats.
R: Do we still have Smarties at home?
M: Yes
and then I realized when I asked if she was smart he was thinking about smarties and that’s why he gave such an enthusiastic YES!


As I was changing Wyatt’s diaper this morning, the conversation (as it often does) turned to his pen1s. And he went through the regular questions:

W: Do you have a pen1s?
M: No, only boys have a pen1s.
W: Does Daddy…Does G…Does Uncle Nick, etc
M: Yes
this is usually where the conversation ends.
W: Mommy, if you don’t have a pen1s, you can’t pee on the potty, you can only poop.

I had no response and that showed some serious thought from Wyatt.


Juliana’s Nana gave her a tin of lemon drops tonight and she asked me to open them for her. I was having trouble finding the end of the tape to remove it from the tin and muttered “this is sealed like Fort Knox.”

J: What is Fort Knox?
M: It is a place that is really hard to get into.
J: Nana can always open the container, she must have the Knox.

In the midst of laughing I finally found the end of the tape and opened it.
J: Yay, now you have the Knox!

I am curious to see if Knox shows up in conversation again.


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  • Grama Julie

    I loved their little questions & answers. Art Linkletter was so right kids do say the darndest things. I remember once when mine were younger someone opened the linen closet door and a box of Kotex spilled out on the floor. The older one said “what the heck are these”? And a younger one answered “Oh, those are mommy’s band aids for her dupy.” I’m glad everybody doesn’t read these!