Where Do You Go to See a Unicorn?

When Scott suggested that we go to the Renaissance Festival, I wasn’t sure that the kids would enjoy it. Then we found out that last weekend was Military weekend and we all got in for the cost of one adult, so at least it was a low investment. Last Sunday was a beautiful day – cool enough that all of us wore jeans except Juliana – the sky was blue and the sun was shining. We arrived early enough so we were parked close to the entrance (so important when leaving with tired children who can no.longer.walk.another.step) and we were standing at the gate for the opening events including the canon blast.

As we were waiting for the gates to open, Wyatt started to get concerned and insisted that Scott hold him. He was watching the Unicorn in the tower and asking questions…”that unicorn will stay there? It won’t get me?” Sure Wyatt the unicorn lives in the tower.

It was sensory overload when we walked through the gate, Wyatt started screaming and Juliana was suddenly shy. Juliana was wearing a princess dress and she gathered lots of attention “Good Day Princess!” “What a lovely dress Princess”, etc. She eventually got used to it and started to curtsy back to anyone who spoke to her. She picked out a hat and got her face painted and was a very happy girl.

She wanted to play all of the games and she even visited the archery range with Scott.


Wyatt started to calm down and cautiously wander in and out of storefronts looking at toys and eye catching creations. He was happily running along the path when he stopped cold and let out a loud scream – the unicorn was walking toward Wyatt and Wyatt completely freaked out. Juliana and Ruslan walked up and high-fived the unicorn while Wyatt shook in my arms, cried on my shoulder and mumbled that the unicorn was not in the tower.

We needed a distraction and we found a show to watch. It was classic one-man side-show, a 17-yr old who juggled odd items and did all sorts of tricks. The boys were amazed, they sat and watched the entire show and vigorously clapped for all of the tricks. The entire family enjoyed the show.

Juliana was mesmerized as well, but also very concerned. Every time he asked if we wanted to see something more dangerous, the crowd yelled yes and Juliana yelled NO! This is the look of terror as he was juggling torches on fire while balancing on a ball.


We sat on the hillside and watched the opening jousting exhibition and Wyatt was calm enough by this point to pet the horses. We were ready to go home after a few hours – it was a lot of walking for the boys – up and down hills – and limited activities for kids, but we had a fun time and I think we will go back again next year.


Nana and Papa are headed out of the country and they will be going on a safari while they are gone. Nana was talking to the¬†boys about what animals they would see and eventually one of them mentioned unicorns. Nana said she didn’t think she would see a unicorn. Wyatt laughed and said, “No Nana, If you want to see a unicorn, you have to go to the Festival.”

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  • I love her look of concern for the fire-juggler!

  • Grama Julie

    Now that I look at more stuff I think maybe I did lead a boring childhood. Just looking at the beach pictures brought lots of great memories. That was one of my lifetime highlights. It is so beautiful there by the water & I had a wonderful evening on the rooftop taking in the view of panoramic water & panoramic clouds of all shades of pinks and lavenders. I felt pretty close to God that night. It was so nice getting acquainted with the children, it’s pretty hard long distance. Looking at them makes you realize how much they have grown.