Bite Size Jello Jigglers

The boys are still in the older toddler room at childcare (I am hopeful they will move up to preschool someday). A few weeks ago they started “Taste it Tuesday” and asked each parent to volunteer to bring their child’s favorite snack for everyone to try. I immediately signed up for the week of Halloween and started looking at fun Halloween treat ideas. Then I remembered my audience of 2-3 year olds and decided to bring one of the boys’ true favorites – Jello Jigglers.

There are specially designed molds for Jiggglers that are usually available before Easter, Halloween and Chistmas, but I have a some issues with them: 1 – The intricate shapes always stick a little bit (holding the mold in warm water helps it to release but also starts to melt the shape). 2 – They are huge. In fact in the Jigglers recipe, they recommend that you cut them into bite-size pieces for children under age 6. They are too big too hold, and one Jiggler can be too much Jello for one toddler – because they are made with less water, they have more sugar per bite then traditional Jello.

You can also use a sheet pan to make them and cut into squares or use cookie cutters to make shapes. But I wanted a quick way to make fun fall shaped Jigglers so I tried something new that worked great – a 24 cavity Wilton silicon mold. I bought mine at my local craft store with a coupon and I plan to buy more for different holidays because this was so quick and easy There are also some Best Deals Online that you can check out.

I used a medicine dispenser to fill each cavity (for the record this dispenser was band new and never used for medicine). That helped me get the jello in the spaces without overflowing them. If you have steadier hands than me, a measuring cup would work fine.

The size is perfect and they were easy to remove, simply bend the mold and the shape pops right out. No need to hold the mold in warm water so they keep their shape. And they were ready in about an hour instead of 2-3 hours.

I made 3 colors, but Wyatt ate them too quickly to care what color they were. He had cleaned his plate and was asking for more before most of the kids finished their first one. Wyatt tested bite-size! Juliana didn’t have school today so she enjoyed snack time with us as well.

 This old blog post with pictures of the boys eating Jello just before they turned two..Wyatt’s face!

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