Celebrating Seven

It was a very busy birthday weekend for Juliana; I think we are all still recovering. I baked her school cupcakes on Thursday so she could help decorate that evening. I completed the finishing touches Friday morning and took them to school after lunch (I will post more about them separately). Everyone in her class loved them, especially Juliana. Her teacher asked if Juliana wanted to stay in her seat or stand at the front on the room while they sang Happy Birthday. Juliana chose to stand with me and hold my hand. Then she gave me a big hug, told me that she loved me and thanked me for making the cupcakes that she had selected months ago – “They are exactly what I wanted!”

Saturday morning started with her soccer game. Then it was home for a bath and to get ready for her party which was a lot of fun (more later)! Saturday night she went to a Halloween Party with Scott’s parents and she had a blast. She came home so happy even though it was late. She had a vey full day for her last day of age 6.

Sunday was Juliana’s birthday and she slept a little bit later than usual but not enough to make up for the late night. She wandered into the kitchen as the boys were finishing their breakfast and sat at the table. I set her birthday breakfast in front of her and we sang Happy Birthday. The boys also had a chocolate donut and strawberries (2nd breakfast); Wyatt was disapointed that I didn’t give him any fire with his donut.


Juliana opened her presents later in the day and after dinner we had cake.


By this point in the day Juliana was very tired and everything was sad and difficult. Going to sleep was especially rough and she cried when I left her room. When I returned to help her calm down and tell her she needed to go to sleep, she told me through the tears that “you are always too busy for me, you never spend any time with me, you are always working or taking care of the boys”. I guess the drama years will continue for a little while longer.

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