Princess Hat Cupcakes

Juliana has several cookbooks – most filled with pretty treats – and she enjoys reading them and picking out things that we should make. A few months ago she picked out the cupcakes that she wanted me to make to bring to school for her birthday – they look like princess hats. They weren’t difficult to make, but they did involve lots of steps.

The cupcakes were simple and I decorated them with swirls of pink frosting and clear sprinkles.

Most of the effort went into the hats – sugar cones, candy melts, fruit roll-ups, decorating gel, “pearls” and lots of sprinkles.

Juliana painted the melted chocolate onto the base of the cones and I quickly added the sprinkles before the chocolate hardened.


I decorated the tops of the cones with the pink sparkle gel and pressed the pearls into it and left them to set over night.

I used a pizza cutter to slice the fruit roll-ups into thin strips and Scott figured out how to wrap them around the cones and get them to stay in place without additional chocolate or frosting. I love the final result and most important – Juliana was so happy!

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