Ruslan and Wyatt’s Room

When we purchased our house in the spring of 2011, there were 4 rooms that we wanted to completely redo before we moved in (lots of other changes could be made to the house later): the playroom, the kids bathroom, Juliana’s room, and Ruslan and Wyatt’s room. I realized that I had never posted the final result of the make-over for their room.

We found the design for the boys room in a Disney paint flier Рthe colors are very bold. Scott did all of the painting and trim in the boys room Рit was the last project completed before we moved into the house. Scott painted all night and came home about an hour before the moving truck came to pack our furniture to move. The paint was still wet when we set-up the cribs in the room a few hours later.

Ruslan and Wyatt’s room started as an empty white room. It is a challenge to arrange furniture because there is a window or closet on every wall. The colors started to go up on the wall, followed by grid lines and tape and more paint and trim and more paint.

When the room was finished, it was exactly what we had envisioned. Bold and playful but not too young that they would quickly outgrow it.

This is how the room has looked since we moved in – 2 cribs, dresser, and the chair and ottoman.


But big changes are happening in Ruslan and Wyatt’s room this week…I will report back later on our progress. Spoiler alert – it could be going better.


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