There’s No Wrong Way to Eat a Cupcake

Wyatt spotted the cupcakes as soon as he walked in the kitchen. He yelled, “You buy Go Steelers cupcakes?” I told him that he could have one after dinner – he loves cupcakes! He sat at the table and ate everything on his plate. I placed his chocolate cupcake in front of him and he smiled and said, “I see Steelers sprinkles”. He didn’t say anything else until the cupcake was gone.

Step one – Taste the frosting without picking up the cupcake.

Step two – Declare the first taste delicious, pick-up the cupcake and lick all of the frosting off the top.


Step three – Once the frosting has been completely removed, investigate the cake portion and then shove it whole into his mouth. Walk away with his mouth full.

Ruslan likes cupcakes and sweets, but not as much as Juliana and Wyatt. He also prefers vanilla while his brother and sister will always choose chocolate.

Step one – Pick-up the cupcake and start eating the frosting.

Step two – Realize that there is frosting on his fingers, get very upset and leave the rest of the cupcake.

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