A Princess and Two Pirates

In 2010, Juliana was a ringmaster, Ruslan was a lion, and Wyatt was a tiger. Last year, Juliana was Super Girl, Ruslan was Spider-Man and Wyatt was Batman. This year I could not come up with a theme that Juliana would agree to, so my fun with themed costumes for all 3 may have come to an end. It took me a long time to make the final decision on costumes and the kids kept changing their minds. Juliana eventually decided on Rapunzel – the “Tangled,┬áBride Rapunzel” to be specific. Every inch of the dress was covered in glitter and every time she moved, a puddle of glitter formed around her. The floors throughout our entire home sparkled for days.

The boys finally decided they wanted to be pirates so I searched for the perfect costumes and found two different pirate options that seemed to work well for them. When I showed the costumes to them, they immediately wanted the one that I had selected for them.

Everyone was excited to get ready to trick-or-treat and we took pictures…with the standard results. It is really hard for little boys to stand still when they are Pirates with Swords!

We waited for the clock to strike 6:00 and it was finally time.

My mom stayed at our house to hand out candy and Scott and I headed out with Juliana, Ruslan and Wyatt. It was chilly, but not freezing so we managed without coats. Wyatt was enthralled with running ahead up the stairs to knock on doors. He loved the whole idea of going to our neighbor’s houses. However, at many houses he didn’t take a treat. If the treat option was chips or anything other than candy he would happily walk back to us empty handed. After he returned from one house I asked him what they had, his response “Nothing, just crackers and drinks”. But he wasn’t sad, he┬ásimply didn’t take something that he wouldn’t eat. And he was perfectly happy either way.

The houses on our side of the street are level with the road while the houses on the other side have many steps to the front door. Last year the kids got so tired of steps on the way home that we ended up carrying them and their candy most of the way back. Scott had the great idea to start on the other side of the street and hit all of the houses with steps while the kids were fresh and it worked much better. Happier children and the only complaints were about the cold fingers. It’s been 3-1/2 weeks since our delayed trick-or-treating and I think that night is still the best they have slept since moving to their beds.


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