Big Boy Beds

We knew it was time to move Ruslan and Wyatt to big boy beds, but we weren’t looking forward to it…too much freedom for 2 wild boys. When we moved Juliana to a big bed, nothing changed. We put her in bed, she went to sleep, and she stayed in bed until I went to get her in the morning. We would not get that lucky with the boys, especially with two of them in the room, we wondered if they would ever sleep.


The white crib with Memory foam Pillow has been set-up in our home since July 2005. The first night after we brought Juliana home from the hospital, she slept in our room and Scott and I got no sleep – every little peep woke us up. The next night, October 27th, she slept in her crib. And she happily slept there until December 2008.

The boys shared the crib for the first few weeks after they were born and then that crib belonged to Wyatt.

Last Saturday, October 27th, 7 years after the first night Juliana slept in the crib, we took it apart one last time to remove it from the boys room.


I found a set of simple, solid beds that can be used as twin beds now and bunk beds later. We talked to the boys about moving to big beds and Ruslan was very excited about the idea. Last Friday evening Scott started to put their beds together and the boys wanted to help.

Saturday morning I told the boys it was time to take the cribs out of their room. They emptied the cribs and put blankets in one basket, stuffed animals in another, and all of the books in their room when in a third.

Wyatt was very excited to help take the cribs apart, but Ruslan was suddenly very stressed about the process. I found him curled up on the hallway floor at one point and later sitting on the steps.

Once their beds were set-up, we asked them which bed belong to each of them and fortunately they agreed. Ruslan and Wyatt enjoyed exploring and climbing in and out of the beds.


It’s been a week now and there have been some challenges. More on that later



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