First Night Away from Each Other

When Juliana was 2, she would occasionally spend the night at my parent’s house. She enjoyed it and it was a nice break for me. Juliana turned 3 while I was in my first trimester with the boys and I was sick and exhausted all of the time. She started to stay there almost every Friday so I could get some extra sleep on Saturday mornings. Over time the room that used to be mine was transformed to a room that any little girl would love. It has a child sized vanity table, princess bedding, princess snow globes and quiet games to play. When Juliana found out that Ruslan was going to stay at Nonni’s house, she was very concerned about her stuff and “her” room.

Ruslan spent the night on Friday and he was so excited to go! We have been on vacation so he has slept in other places, and both Scott and I have been away at different times so he has slept without Mommy or Daddy at home. But this was the first time sleeping away from home without Mommy or Daddy, and the first night sleeping without Wyatt in the same room.

We packed his backpack and he waited by the door for G. I don’t think that he even said good-bye when they left and he had no problem going to bed that night. He slept until almost 8:00 Saturday morning which is later than he has been sleeping at home. He woke up happy and had a great night.


Wyatt got his chance Saturday night and he was just as excited to leave. At Nonni’s house he ate dinner and took a bath and played and then it was time for bed and he was sad and wanted his Mommy. Nonni packed up his things and prepared to bring him home, but he calmed down and went to sleep. He did not sleep quite as well – he was awake before 6:00. Not only was he awake, he was very chatty and when my mom tried to convince him it was still night-night time, he talked and talked instead.

So we survived another milestone and I only shed a few tears after Ruslan left Friday evening. Scott took Wyatt to the store in the evening and when they returned, Wyatt came running and asked if Ruslan was home yet. When it was bedtime on Saturday, Ruslan asked where Wyatt was and when I reminded him, he told me that he needed his brother. I’m glad that they were able to sleep apart from each other and that they were happy to be reunited.


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