November Weekends

We’ve had an incredible stretch of November weather. That weather was incremental in a big backyard project being accomplished (more on that soon) and lots of playing outside. I have one goal for trips to parks and playgrounds – make the kids use as much energy as possible. Sure I want them to have fun, but I’m not going to stand and push them on the swings for an hour when they could be running and climbing. We have no shortage of parks within a short drive of our house, so we tried a new one this past weekend. And there was so much running.

And lots of climbing. The boys would climb this ladder and take off running across the bridges and down the ramp and back to the ladder and repeat.

Juliana can finally swing without my involvement (so awesome) and she is so pleased with herself when she cruises across the monkey bars.


These pictures…they made me laugh when I found them on my camera.

We don’t always have to go to a park, walking and running and playing on a river path works as well.


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