The Quietest Birthday Party Ever

Juliana had lots of ideas for her 7th birthday party – many involved everyone coming to the party dressed like mermaids. I finally came up with a few reasonable options and she chose Color Me Mine where she and her friends would paint pottery. I took her to the party store to look at options and she immediately decided that she wanted a Barbie themed party. That night I looked at Barbie cakes on Pinterest, came up with a few ideas and e-mailed my friend Mindy. I was really looking forward to the cake!

We invited the girls from her class and a few of her friends from outside school and ended up with a nice group of 10 kids. As they arrived, each child found a seat and prepared to paint. The party hostess helped each of them select a project, explained the paints to them and poured the colors they selected into their paint trays. Everyone quietly painted and all I had to do was sit back and watch. We all know Juliana is rarely quiet, but she and her other exuberant friends were sitting still in their chairs painting and no one was talking. It was magical.


After they painted, it was time for presents and everyone huddled around Juliana. The room was filled with excited squealing as each present was opened.


We saved the cake for last – no need to sugar up the kids until they are about to leave. The Barbie cake that Mindy made was so pretty! Juliana picked the cake flavors – red velvet for the Barbie skirt (this is what we ate at the party) and devils food cake for the bottom half – and we provided a Barbie and a napkin for Mindy to match the party theme. The cake was beautiful and delicious and Juliana loved it! Unfortunately the party room has poor lighting and orange walls…so the pictures don’t capture how amazing it was.

This is what Juliana’s project looked like at the party and a week later after it had been glazed and fired. All of the girls signed a plate for Juliana as well.

Scott and I decided that this was the quietest birthday party ever; Juliana declared that it was her favorite birthday party. I call that a win!


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