It Must Be Santa

We made our annual trek to the mall to see Santa today. Wyatt has been telling me for weeks that he would not cry, while Ruslan told me he doesn’t like Santa and did not want to go. Let’s take a moment to revisit the past 2 years of Santa pictures…I love the 2010 picture so much. 2011 was a huge improvement, no tears and they are looking at the camera. I had high hopes that 2012 would be another step forward.

The mall was packed, but luckily we didn’t wait too long and for once my kids were the good ones in line. They held still for a few seconds and looked my general direction. They spent most of the time watching the train knowing that their reward for behaving in line was a train ride.

Then it was time to sit with Santa (the same Santa as previous years) and there were no surprises by the requests. Santa agreed with me that Juliana’s request for a real magic wand was going to be a challenge. Like last year they all looked at the camera..and they smiled. It must be Santa and a special kind of Christmas magic.


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